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Jerzy Gotowała, Andrzej Przedpełski

ISBN/EAN: 8311095515

In 2003 we celebrated a cenury of flying. For that occasion, two experts in the field – Professor Jerzy Gotowała, a general and former air force commander, and Professor Andrzej Przedpełski, former lecturer at the Dęblin Flying School – prepared a dictionary presenting portraits of one hundred pilots, pioneers of aeronautical thought who had a decisive influence on the development of the art of human mastery of the skies. In condensed biographical sketches, richly supplemented with photographs and drawings, they tell of the lives and achievements of the greatest aviation designers, flying aces, and astronauts. The book is an excellent compendium of knowledge on aviation and the most important events in the rich history of man’s realization of his dream of flying...


Jakub Poznański

ISBN/EAN: 8311094896

Jakub Poznański lived through the German Occupation trapped within the Łódź ghetto, together with his wife and daughter. When the mass deportation plans ordered by Himmler exceeded the Third Reich’s organizational capabilities, an executive order was issued in 1940. The creation of the ghetto got under way. From August 1944, when Jews were being liquidated on a mass scale, the entire Poznański family hid in the ghetto, fighting dramatically for survival in terrible conditions. The author made notes the whole time. He conscientiously noted down events and observations in dry chronicle form. As a result, we have a shocking record of daily life in the main central ghetto of Kraj Warty (Land of the Warta), an almost hermetically sealed district of Łódź (Litzmanstadt). From it emerges a picture of a brutal struggle for survival.


Jarosław Molenda

ISBN/EAN: 9788311106642

An excellent publication for those interested in the history of Latin America. The author describes the history of the geographical discoveries and the expeditions of the conquistadors, such as Hernando Cortés or Francisco Pizarro, and of the overthrow of the Aztec and Inca empires. He relates the story of the search for El Dorado, the legendary land of gold, whose magic attracted all kinds of adventurers, driven by the lure of riches, honours, and fame, as well as by missionary zeal.


Tadeusz Królikiewicz

ISBN/EAN: 8311111081

This richly illustrated publication deals with the history of cut-and-thrust weapons, especially as used in battle. The author presents detailed descriptions of the types of weapons: the broadsword, rapier, fencing sword, sabre, falchion, and knife. He describes the evolution of cut-and-thrust weapons in different parts of the world. He also considers the symbolism of such weapons – related to their place in history. For example, Polish weapons of this kind – often handed down from father to son – became a symbol of patriotic feelings and of the struggle for independence.


Andrzej Tarczyński


1st ed., format B5, hard cover

The history of the conquest and discovery of America has been presented many times in different verions. For the most part, the accounts of these events suffered from gross over-simplification and sometimes even tendentiousness, and their authors fell into the trap of continuing the ‘dark legend’ – which is to say the creation of a caricature of European expansionism in America, apparently consisting of an unending stream of violence perpetrated against a peace-loving indigenous population totally devoid of any negative characteristics. The history of the Iberian discoverers and conquerors of the New World as presented in the book under review is based on rich sources in the form of accounts from the sixteenth century or the beginning of the seventeenth century.


Jan Kopczewski

ISBN/EAN: 8311098220

A unique publication combining the virtues of a humorous quiz with solid, systematized historical knowledge. The dictionary consists of two parts. The first contains several hundred entries from various historical areas, with interesting trick questions that prompt us to think about history, and present well-known facts in a different light. In the second part we have the answers, sometimes surprising. They broaden our knowledge, enriching it with anecdotes and discussing various characters and events. The choice of questions and the form of the answers are presented in an amusing way, but the book represents a very sophisticated level of knowledge.


Andrzej Murawski

ISBN/EAN: 8311095949

A study of one of the most famous naval battles of ancient times, the outcome of which was Octavian’s victory over Mark Antony in the struggle for control of the Roman Empire. At a critical point in the battle, Cleopatra left the scene and Antony went after his beloved. The battle concluded the era of civil wars within the Roman state. Octavius took over complete control. Inextricably linked with the battle is one of the most celebrated romances in ancient history.
The attacking galleys fell on the lines of oars jutting out from the sides and, crushing them, brought the enemy to a standstill, or considerably slowed them down. Meanwhile, Antony’s archers fired from the higher decks, while the mariners and legionnaires threw overboard stones and containers with burning tar or charcoal. The latter, landing on the lower ships sailing past beneath, wreaked deadly havoc and gave rise to the first fires. But Octavian’s men had their way of dealing with that, too. Their units began to storm individual boats of the enemy together, in groups of three or four, thanks to which the efforts of the defenders were dissipated, and the firing power of the galleys was weakened.


Daniel Gazda

ISBN/EAN: 8311107440

The book describes one of the most fascinating periods in the history of Europe. Focusing on militaristic and political aspects, it tells the story of the Roman Empire from the ascention of Valentinian I in 364 to the death of Theodosian the Great in 395.


Tomasz Romanowski

ISBN/EAN: 8311105383

The battle of Alesia was decisive in the rebellion of Vercingetorix against the Romans. It also made an essential element of the history of the European civilisation due to Julius Ceasar's diary. The clash between the Roman military craft, tactics and warfare with those of the Northern tribes resulted eventually with a distinct victory of the former determining
the fate of Gaul.


Paweł Rochala

ISBN/EAN: 8311106347

This book presents the history of the barbarian tribes which almost caused the disintegration of the Roman Empire at a time when it appeared to be at the height of military supremacy. It includes a broad description of the social background relating to both sides of the conflict, the course of the wars accompanying the main course of events, and the chief battles fought between the Romans and the invaders. A good deal of the book is devoted to the arms and organization of the opposing forces. There is also a detailed portrait of the consul Gaius Marius, generally considered in academic circles to be a reformer of the Roman army, as well as an account of the consequences of his reforms.


ISBN/EAN: 8311091498

This book is an important source of knowledge on contemporary firearms. Because of its clear layout and highly readable content, it is accessible and comprehensible to all readers concerned with military technology. The information it contains, supplemented by some interesting illustrations, will be useful not only to those dealing with questions of weaponry on a professional basis, but also to students at military academies and civilian colleges, to publicists, and the rank and file of firearms enthusiasts. In addition, the book presents the latest international firearms technology, illustrating perfectly the changes that are taking place and the latest achievements in this field, which directly affect the structure and operational tactics of modern armies.


Daniel Gazda

ISBN/EAN: 8311108455

Another item in the richly illustrated album series devoted to the armies of the ancient world. It details the most interesting war campaigns of the Romans, from the times of Julius Caesar to the fall of the Western Roman Empire in ad 476. It contains numerous illustrations, including maps of the battlefields. The author devotes much space to the strategy, tactics, arms and equipment of the protagonists.

BABYLON 729-648 B.C.

Piotr Biziuk

ISBN/EAN: 8311101051

This penetrating study is an absorbing source of information for those interested in the art of war in the Near East, and it fills a gap in research on the military history of the Ancient East. It gives an interesting account of the rise of armed forces and of military operations in the Assyrian state, leading to the birth of an empire.
In the era of rivalry between Assyria and Chaldea in the 7th-8th centuries bc, Babylon changed hands on several occasions. Those ruling the city engaged in anti-Assyrian plots, and control over Babylon was an important factor in the struggle for power within the ruling class of the Assyrian empire.

It seemed as if the Assyrian army would come to grief on the walls of Babylon. But the Chaldeans did not lack the will to fight, but... food. Barley prices had rocketed, but still there was none to be had. Bodies were lying in the streets and squares with no one to bury them. The city was dying of hunger. Then the slaughter took place. ‘I didn’t spare the inhabitants, neither young, nor old. I lined entire districts with their bodies.
I plundered and destroyed, fire consumed houses from the foundations to the roofs. I dug canals through the middle of the city, and flooded the place with water, completely obliterating the buildings. I destroyed [Babylon] more than the deluge itself,’ boasted Sanherib.


Jarosław Wojtczak

ISBN/EAN: 9788311121232

An excellent, very interesting, and colourful publication not only for history fans, but also for those who love the history of knights and chivalry.
In 1314 the Scots won a devastating victory over the forces of King Edward II of England. As a result, the Kingdom of Scotland, hitherto suppressed by its southern neighbours, gained full independence for many years, something that was only thwarted by the personal union of the Stewarts. In an exciting and graphic manner, the author outlines the history of Scotland and its relations with England, introducing the reader to the situation prevailing in Britain before and after the battle. He also describes the main participants involved: William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, and Edward Longshanks.
Gray and his knights moved forward and soon ran up against the spearheads pointing at them. The first wave of attackers fell back from the Scottish rampart, many knights were killed, whilst many others, thrown from their horses, were taken captive by the Scots, including Sir Thomas Gray. The English drew back, regrouped and advanced again, but this time too they failed to break the Scots’ formation. For some time Clifford renewed the attacks, but each time they grew weaker, on account of the losses, exhaustion, and the increasing number of dead horses and soldiers blocking the line of attack.


Grzegorz Swoboda

ISBN/EAN: 8311096511

A study of one of the most significant battles in the history of the United States and Canada. It determined the independence of the Canadian state, and its division into two parts – French-speaking and English-speaking.
When after another half an hour of aimless firing, one of the artillerymen was wounded, and Major Boulton lost his horse, Middleton ordered a retreat. The soldiers withdrew from the ravine, losing three dead, the mortally wounded Lt Swinford, and five other wounded. Among the latter was Capt. Wise, who was hit in the ankle by a bullet fired from a Winchester at some distance. During the retreat, Lt Hugh John Macdonald, the premier’s son, fell, causing general consternation. However, it turned out that he was not wounded, he had simply been hit in the back by shotgun pellets, which had probably lost their speed and had not penetrated his jacket. Lord Melgund was almost hit by a bullet from a long-range Sharps buffalo rifle. After a while the Métis fire ceased, and the soldiers wanted to try another attack. But the general did not allow it.


Witold Biernacki

ISBN/EAN: 9788311114104


Tadeusz Królikiewicz

ISBN/EAN: 8311085285

This lavishly illustrated monograph describes the story of the development, construction, use and technical data of bayonets which originated many countries, also used by Polish soldiers who fought in various military formations throughout the years. The book offers much valuable advice for collectors.


Rafał Radziwonka

ISBN/EAN: 8311111049


Piotr Dróżdż

ISBN/EAN: 8311095779

A highly interesting publication for military historians, written in an exceptionally suggestive and colourful style. The book describes the causes, strategy and course of the battle which opened the way to Moscow for Napoleon’s army. The author also analyzes the changes that had been taking place within the French army since the mid eighteenth century, and includes some interesting facts from the beginning of the Napoleonic wars. To help him envisage these significant historical events, the reader is supplied with a set of maps and drawings.
The people of Moscow were convinced till the end that Kutuzov would renew battle with Napoleon at the gates of the city. They were encouraged in this opinion by the city’s military governor, Count Fedor Roztopchin, depsite the fact that the latter already knew the decision that had been taken by the Russian general staff. At the same time, the governor made every effort to prevent people from engaging in any fighting on their own account. Partly for this reason, he ordered the lines of the church bells to be cut, so that the bells could not be used to give any battle signal. Meanwhile, masses of Russian soldiers, instead of standing to confront the enemy, passed by in a dejected march through Moscow’s streets. It finally became clear to the inhabitants that the ancient capital of the tsars would not be defended...

BOYNE 1690

Jarosław Wojtczak

ISBN/EAN: 8311111553

BUDAPEST, 1944-45

Marcin Sowa

ISBN/EAN: 8311094918

A discussion of little-known events that took place in the autumn, winter and early spring in 1944-45, in central and western Hungary. Fighting on the German side at this time were the 6th Army, the 2nd Panzer Army and part of the 8th Army, as well as the Hungarian 2nd and 3rd Armies, forming part of Army Group South, pitched against Soviet forces forming part of the 2nd and 3rd Ukrainian Front. The fighting on the front was accompanied by other dramatic events. Despite the diplomatic efforts of Raoul Wallenberg, most of the Jewish population were transported to concentration camps. The Germans, fighting to stay alive, had no hesitation in blowing up all of the bridges across the Danube in Budapest. The author has made use of international sources unavailable to the broad mass of readers, as well as of publications by Hungarian historians, and studies on the Russian fronts and the German armies.

BULGE 1944-1945

Norbert Bączyk

ISBN/EAN: 8311098425

An excellent factual book describing the German offensive carried out on the western front during the final stages of World War II. Enriched with many previously unknown facts. The book not only deals with an account of the actual battle, but also includes a detailed discussion of preparations for the offensive, the make-up of the forces, and the political repercussions of the fighting. The maps included will be a useful bonus for those wishing to follow one of the most important battles of the entire war, and at the same time the greatest campaign launched by the American army. On 24 December, on the western banks of the Ourthe between Hotton and Marche-en-Famenne, the 116th Panzer Division renewed their attacks. The Germans hit the positions of the 84th Division, in particular the 334th Regiment stationed in Hotton itself. Fierce fighting lasted until 26th December.
The Americans received considerable support from the 628th anti-tank battalion and combat vehicles from the 3rd Armoured Division, as well as air and artillery backing. Von Waldenburg’s Panzer troops were reinforced by the Fϋhrer’s Escort Brigade. At one point, tanks from Bayer’s Combat Group from the 116th Panzer Division broke through into the streets of Hotton. This led to fighting at very close quarters. Soldiers manning the anti-tank guns kept firing until they were crushed by the caterpillar tracks of the oncoming German tanks. Both sides suffered heavy losses, but finally the fierce resistance of the city’s defenders forced the attackers to retreat.

BZURA, 1939

Tadeusz Jurga

ISBN/EAN: 8311093253

Tadeusz Jurga’s book concerns the greatest defensive battle of the September campaign of 1939. For many days the combined forces of the Poznań army (under Gen. Tadeusz Kutrzeba) and the Pomorze army (under Gen. Władysław Bortnowski) held off an offensive by units of Germany’s 8th army and parts of the 4th and 10th armies. The author analyses each phase of the encounter: firstly, the assault on Stryków, next the assault on Łowicz, and finally the retreat towards Warsaw, ending in the disastrous crushing of the Polish forces. Around 200,000 soldiers were taken prisoner. This solid historical outline, supplemented by interesting documentation, some of it photographic, brings us to a better understanding of this turning point in the September campaign.

CARTHAGE 149-146 B.C

Bernard Nowaczyk

ISBN/EAN: 8311112703


Henryk Socha

ISBN/EAN: 8311099480

The album is the first Polish publication on Japanese castles. It presents twenty one monuments from nineteen old provinces. The Japanese castles are unique in the world, and recognizable at the first glance. They boast of unusual architectural esthetics, which is a combination of Asian tradition, modesty, elegance and fantasy. All these features were succesfully united with their functional aspects, i.e. the role of a fortress. Japan offers not only extraordinary aesthetic impressions, but also the experience from which we profit also today.

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