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Marek Majorowski

ISBN/EAN: 8311107793

This book is a richly illustrated guide showing the home garden as a composition of many different sectors creating a plant setting for a family house. We find a short historical sketch presenting the path of development and the changes which have taken place in the composition of small gardens, beginning with ancient times, and going right up to the present day. In the chapter devoted to the composition of the contemporary house garden, attention is drawn to certain differences we can observe as between town, suburban, and country gardens. None the less, they all consist of two basic areas of activity. The first is the area located in front of the building, representing the showcase zone of the garden. The remaining area behind the house fulfils a recreational role, though one embracing the different needs and requirements of the occupants.

Those who favour thematic arrangements will find out what to pay attention to when creating for instance gardens from conifers, stones, water features, or compositions in a Japanese style. The sound advice and observations, enriched with colour photographs and drawings, will be an inspiration and a model to imitate.

The closing part of the book contains a chapter devoted to the elements and principles of garden composition. Presented here is a good deal of important information from the theory of garden art. All this information is useful not only to those who are planning to lay out their first garden round the house, but also to those who have had such a garden for years.


Justyna Święcicka

ISBN/EAN: 8311106894

So many young people complain about loneliness! Why? Is a sense of isolation and lack of understanding characteristic of adolescence? Why do we need other people? What is friendship? How do we choose our friends, why do we make friends with people? The author supplies credible answers to these and other questions. She discusses various aspects of interpersonal relationships in an accessible and warm manner: establishing contact, the qualities of a good listener, the process of communication, interest on the part of others. She also talks about non-verbal communication, or body language. She points out the pros and cons of new ways of striking up friendships through the Internet. Read this book to find out how to gain friends and foster your friendship.


Daniel Mirosz

ISBN/EAN: 8311106010

This publication is a unique compendium of historical knowledge. Concise notes arranged graphically in chronological order are an excellent way of systematizing one’s knowledge, and are extremely helpful to lovers of history, those interested in the world around them, as well as those preparing for exams. The author’s selection is a list of dates and contexts from general history that includes all the most important events. Alongside the information relating to European history, we also find dates from the history of exotic countries such as Egypt, India or Japan.


Arkadiusz Iwaniuk

ISBN/EAN: 8311114552


Marek Majorowski

ISBN/EAN: 8311101116

An amazing publication that is a combination of a richly illustrated album and a practical guidebook containing an abundance of valuable information. We have here 400 colour photographs forming a guidebook to the most beautiful parks and gardens, and presenting the richness of plant composition as well as historical and modern garden architecture. The author also deals with arbours and botanical gardens. The extensive texts describing the history and current state of selected garden and park layouts are supplemented by practical hints concerning the art of gardening, and a glossary containing specialist terminology. The most famous of the parks and gardens presented are: Arkadia (Arcadia, Warsaw) – a sentimental garden, Ogród Saski (the Saxon Garden, Warsaw), Ujazdowski Park (Warsaw), the Botanical Gardens of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, the Baroque Garden in Nieborów, the Landscape Park in Puławy, Łazienki Królewskie (Warsaw), and the Modernist Garden at Żelazowa Wola.


Zdzisław Skrok

ISBN/EAN: 8311094993

The book describes little known archeological and historical treasures. Treasures hidden by the Swedes, royal crowns still not found, mysterious items deposited in the castles of the Borderlands of the First Republic, in dungeons outside towns and in fortress cellars, the treasures of mountain robbers hidden in inaccessible caves. The author, a well-known popularizer of archeology, also writes about the inevitable ghosts that accompany such treasures, about dramatic events that have taken place during searches, about cunning frauds, and the peregrinations of treasures that have already been found. Compulsory reading for anyone who dreamed in their youth of finding some treasure, and who in their adult life has no intenion of giving up such dreams...


Marek Czerwiński

ISBN/EAN: 8311108137

This is a shooting handbook, aimed both at hunters and marksmen or sport shooters. It points out all the mistakes made by rifle users, as well as ways in which they can be eliminated. The book’s merits are enhanced by information concerning the training of snipers, the principles of camouflage, and the tactics used by marksmen. It also contains descriptions of the construction of many competitive and military guns.
The publication is aimed broadly at all enthusiasts fascinated by markmanship and sniper weapons, including their historical aspects. Hunters will also find something for themselves – after all, the line dividing big-game hunting from contemporary sniping is a very thin one...


Marek Majorowski

ISBN/EAN: 9788311110328

1st ed., format B5, hard cover

A richly illustrated self-help book presenting problems connected with the use of coniferous plants in garden composition. It contains guidelines on the creation of decorative compositions from the tops of coniferous trees and bushes in combination with other plant species.


Aleksander Rawski, Robert Rochowicz

ISBN/EAN: 8311107203

The Polish Armed Forces are held for centuries in high respect by the Polish people, as the guardian of national independence and frontiers, as well as peace and security of Polish citizens. Also today, among other public institutions, the armed forces inspire confidence due to their readiness to stand up to threats to the State.
This book portrays the everyday life of our armed forces, shows how their officers and soldiers are prepared to their military service in accordance with NATO standards, provides an insight into their modern arms and equipment.
The authors, experienced journalists and press photographers of Polish military press, have for years accompanied soldiers during their everyday service duties, exercises or at foreign missions. This book presents their recent journalistic output.

This richly illustrated album shows, through coloured photographs, the everday life of soldiers in the Polish Army, as well as current day weaponry and army equipment. The photographs were taken both during training and garrison exercises, and during the participation of Polish contingents in peacekeeping missions. It presents all branches of the armed forces, the Military Police, special forces, the Multinational North-Eastern Corps, the Training Centre for Combined Forces, and international battalions (the Polish-Ukrainian Peace Battalion and the Polish-Lithuanian Peace Battalion). The publication contains over 300 photographs by well-known press photographers.


Roman Kirilenko

ISBN/EAN: 8311095698

The real Tunesia sometimes begins a few dozen metres from the tourist centres and the zones marked out for strangers, to which the ordinary citizen doesn’t always have access. It could be the most authentic of Arab cafes, situated a mere block away from the hotel, where a Coca-Cola poster from the 1930s has pride of place, and where the coffee is brewed in an ‘expresso’ from the beginning of the century and served with a glass of water. Or it could be an architecturally traditional quarter criss-crossed by uneven sandy streets, and surrounded by the walls of houses where it would be difficult to find any modern furniture, where mattresses are placed straight on the floor, and chandeliers are replaced by bare lightbulbs hanging from a wire. Houses carefully guarded from the eyes of foreigners, where only true friends are invited.
This richly illustrated book opens a new series of publications from Bellona – ‘My World’. The author, an outstanding artist and photographer (winner of the silver medal at an international exhibition in Montreal), shows a country visited by numerous tourists from a different angle. The Tunisian south, the Sahara, the Saharan Atlas, these are exceptional places, wrapped up in legend and clouds of mystery. This other Tunisia, and interesting facts about its past and present, are described in a commentary appended to more than 100 splendid photos.

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